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Partisan Hit: Whistleblower Confirmed as Registered Democrat

Encrypted Text Messages Show US Ambassador Defending President Trump Over Ukraine Call, ‘No Quid Pro Quo’s of Any Kind’

In Rediscovered Tweet, It Appears John Brennan Also Knew About Whistleblower Coup Plan in Advance

Whistleblower Legal Team Deeply Connected With Far-Left Groups

Former CIA Director John Brennan Reveals He’ll Be Interviewed by John Durham in Coming Days (VIDEO)

Top Mueller Operative Helped Initiate Whistleblower Complaint

Schiff Colluded with Leaker, Suggested He Become Whistleblower

IC Inspector General Leading the Ukraine Hoax Was First Part of Russia Hoax

Chuck Grassley Defends Deep State Coup

Whistleblower Suddenly Claims To Have ‘First-Hand’ Knowledge; At Odds With Original Complaint

Intel Community Admission Of Whistleblower Changes Raises Explosive New Questions

Ukraine Mystery: Schiff Staffer Made August Trip for Think Tank Employed by Hunter Biden’s Old Employer?

Graham: “I Know We’re Going To Find Out About THAT in Two Weeks”…

Did the IG’s Office Help the Whistleblower Try to Frame Trump?

Stephen Miller: “Whistle-Blower is a Deep State Operative Who Has Contempt For the President”

Trump Demands to Know Who in Intel Community Changed Whistleblower Rules Days Before Filing

Goodwin: Donald Trump Now Has to Battle CIA Spies as Part of Dems’ Coup Attempt

Whistleblower Complaint Reads More Like the Schiff Dossier

PRE-PLANNED COUP: Intel Community Secretly Changed “Whistle-Blower” Rules Just Days Before Trump-Ukraine Complaint Was Filed

Bongino Explains Crowdstrike Grenade

Another Major Part of the Whistleblower Complaint Proves False

Former CIA Head John Brennan Calls For More Deep Staters To File Whistleblower Complaints Against Trump

Whistleblower’s Complaint Contained “Unusual Legalistic Reference on How it Should Be Classified”

Limbaugh: There is No Whistleblower, Just a Leaker. We’re in a Civil War

Former CIA Analyst: “This Whistleblower Complaint Is Too Polished. Had To Have Been Assisted By Congressional Staffers”

William Jacobsen: The Implications Are Frightening If Whistleblower Via CIA


CNN Panel ATTACKS ‘Lying’ Mike Pence For Calling Out the Bidens

Media Builds Up “Urgent” State Dept IG Briefing (Thinking It’s Bad News For Trump); When Docs Turn OUT TO Be Articles Showing Dems Conspiring With Ukraine, They Call the IG a Conspiracy Theorist

‘Unsubstantiated’ Is NY Times’ Favorite Word When Republicans Accuse Democrats

CNN Refuses To Run Trump Ad on Biden-Ukraine/Dem Impeachment

Joy Behar Freaks Out; Wants Biden Sue Trump: ‘The Whole Thing Is a Lie!’

CORRUPT MEDIA: ABC, CBS Suppress Report Schiff Was Tipped Off to Whistleblower Complaint Beforehand

Media SMEAR John Solomon After Research on DNC-Ukraine Corruption

Former Reddit CEO Wants Pro-Trump Forum Banned From Reddit

CNN’s Brian Stelter Promises Kamala Harris That He’s Working to Get President Trump Suspended From Twitter

ABC’S Jon Karl: Trump Criticizing CIA Spy/Whistleblower is Impeachable Offense

Bloomberg Editor: Impeachment Process of “Profoundly Ignorant” Trump is “Delicious”

Pat Buchanan: This is What the Deep State Does to Outsiders

Rush: Bret Baier Busts NYT on Fake “Australia Bombshell”

Watch Leftwing Media Push Trump Impeachment For 35 Months (Even Before Inauguration)

Goodwin: Obama Should Release Phone Calls With Iran

Piers Morgan: If We Swapped the Name Hunter Biden for Donald Trump Jr, the Democrats and Media Would Be Going Absolutely Nuts

Byron York: ICIG’s Explanation of the Changed Whistleblower Form is CYA BS

Rudy Giuliani Wrecks ABC’s Narrative Engineer George Stephanopoulos

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Using Impeachment Because They’re “Too Radical To Win a Conventional Election”

Collusion: Biden Campaign Demands TV Networks Stop Booking Rudy Giuliani

Mark Levin Takes FOX News Lefty Ed Henry To The Woodshed

CBS’s Pauley Tees Up ‘Gutsy Woman’ Hillary to Call for Trump’s Impeachment

Geraldo: Whistleblower Complaint is a Media Matters-Like Orchestration

FOX News Impeachment Glitch?

CNN’s Jake Tapper: Trump’s Impeachment Defense Includes FOX News and “Army of Trolls”

Erik Erickson’s Hard Work on Twitter Pays Off With an Appearance on CNN

Jimmy Dore Explains How Huffington Post Pieced Together Transcript To Fit Narrative

Ramirez Cartoon: Jumping to Conclusions

Sen. Kennedy Zings NBC’s Chuck Todd: You Think Ukraine Found Hunter Biden on Zip Recruiter

With Impeachment As Its New Weapon, Leftwing Media Finally Admits That Mueller Was a Flop


Pelosi Claims Schiff’s Parody Were the “PRESIDENT’S OWN WORDS”

Kurt Volker’s Testimony Appears To Have Left Adam Schiff Scrambling

Rosie O’Donnell Deletes Twitter Poll That Failed to Show Support for Impeachment

DNC Demands Facebook Censor President Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump Deserves ‘Solitary Confinement’

Kamala Harris: Suspend Trump From Twitter, Employ Other Mechanisms To Silence Him

Watch Pelosi Slip Up on 60 Minutes

Trump Suggests Adam Schiff Should Be Arrested for Treason

Adam Schiff Repeats Unfounded Claim That Trump Sought ‘Manufactured Dirt’ on Biden

Report: Dems Impeachment Narrative is Like a House of Cards

Adam Schiff’s Office Denies Conflict of Interest For Staffer on Think Tank Backed By Ukraine Gas Company

Bombshell Report: Adam Schiff Linked to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer

Letters Resurface: Democratic Senators Demanded Dirt on Trump From Ukraine; Threatened To Cut Aid

WSJ: Hillary Clinton and Ukraine

Democrat Leads Chant on Capitol Hill: “IMPEACH THE MOTHER F#CKER”

Schiff Campaign Seeks Donations To Push Impeachment

Mark Levin Calls On Adam Schiff To Release 90 Days Of Texts, Phone Calls, Emails Because He Is A Leaker

Schiff’s Twitter Appears To Show He Was Aware of Whistleblower Before Congress Was Told

Adam Schiff Opens Trump-Ukraine Hearing By Reading a Fake Transcript

Tulsi Gabbard Flip Flops: Now Supports Impeachment

Ari Fleischer: Dem Drive to Impeach Trump Over Ukraine Call is Hysterical, Hyperbolic and HYPOCRITICAL

After Failing on Russia, Democrats Try a New Hoax