Sweden: Unemployment Among Foreign Origin Residents Five Times Higher Than Locals

The Swedish Employment Agency has released new statistics on unemployment that shows the employment for Swedes who have a foreign background is far greater than native Swedes. The agency released a report Monday saying that the total Swedish unemployment rate sits at 7.3 percent nationwide but the gap between native Swedes and those with a foreign background is considerable. The agency said that among native Swedes the unemployment rate is 3.9 percent in July while 21.8 percent of Swedes with foreign backgrounds are unemployed Sverige Radio reports. If only the unemployment rate of native Swedes is taken into account then Sweden would have one of the lowest unemployment rates in any country within the European Union being only surpassed by the Czech Republic at 2.9 percent and Germany at 3.9 percent, according to official European Union statistics from June. The migrant-background unemployment statistics, on the other hand, would surpass the Greek unemployment rate which was 21.8 percent in June which would give Sweden the highest unemployment in the EU. The national unemployment rate of 7.3 percent falls just below the average of the EU as a whole which sits at 7.7 percent. Annika Sundén, who works as an analyst manager at the Employment Service


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