After Getting Shellacked By Trump’s Base, Lindsey Graham Announces He’s Gonna Condemn Democrats With a Letter

Washington, D.C. – The Republican-controlled Senate is under heavy attack from President Trump’s core base.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is being accused of allowing committee heads to slow-walk any investigations into the main players involved in the so-called Russian Hoax.

However, the primary target of frustrated Trump supporters is Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the powerful Judicial Committee, who has talked tough for a year but done absolutely nothing in terms of action.

On his Monday evening FOX Business show, Lou Dobbs ripped into Graham, saying, “For nine months, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee [Lindsey Graham] has not lifted a finger to help this president. He blathers little sound bites for or against the president every week but has done nothing for the American people or truth, justice, and the American way.”

Over on FOX News, Tucker Carlson slammed Graham as well, calling him a phony and a fraud, before interviewing Senator Rand Paul who explained the power Graham holds as the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

The next day, on his popular radio show, Rush Limbaugh jumped on the Graham pigpile, opining, “Where’s Lindsey Grahamnesty? Where is he? He’s got a Senate committee that he runs, Judiciary Committee.

“He could be subpoenaing people, he could be demanding to see — he could be doing in the Senate what they’re doing in the House except he could be doing it to the people that ran this phony investigation into Trump. He could be tracking them all up there.

“And you know what the popular theory is? The popular theory is that he’s got cold feet about doing this because it would implicate Senator McCain, one of his great friends. And it may be true.

“John McCain was at the epicenter of the Steele dossier’s dissemination. John McCain was one of the leaders in the effort to get Trump and his election reversed and thrown out of town using the Steele dossier and any investigation of this is going to demonstrate this.

“And many are theorizing that Lindsey Graham just doesn’t want to see Senator McCain’s name dragged through this kind of mud, so there’s no investigation.”

The unrelenting attacks forced Graham to run to his favorite FOX host, Sean Hannity, and announce what sounded like a sham resolution.

“The crowd has realized that Senator Lindsey Graham is playing a role and has no intention to do anything to stop the malicious impeachment of President Trump,” wrote influential conservative blogger Sundance.

“Last night Senator Rand Paul went on the record and called attention to Senator Graham’s duplicitous lack of action…. Oh dear, people are catching on.

“To protect himself from the disinfecting sunlight of scrutiny, Senator Graham runs to the office of Sean Hannity for protection. Together they pitch the idea of a strongly worded letter as an action that might provide Graham some more time to hide and get away from the pesky spotlight.”

On The_Donald, a popular reddit sub forum, many commenters didn’t seem to buy into what Graham was trying to sell.

“Yeah it’s horse shit. Graham stalling for the deep-state uniparty,” wrote Ricksauce in a comment post. “One Democrat objects and it goes away. Graham knows it’s pretend.”


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