Poll: Majority of Americans Disapprove of NFL Player Protests

According to an ESPN online survey, a majority of Americans are disgusted by the millionaires protesting the national anthem.

Asked if they approve or disapprove of the recent NFL player protests, 51 percent said they either somewhat or strongly disapprove, compared to 39 percent who did approve. When broken down by race, 72 percent of African-American respondents either strongly approved or somewhat approved of the protests, while 62 percent of whites either somewhat disapproved or strongly disapproved.

The methodology: “The results come from a nationwide online survey of 1,055 adults 18 and older conducted by Global Strategy Group for ESPN. The sampling is representative of country demographics including gender, race, geographic location and political affiliation.”

Translation: Add 10 points for “adults” (meaningless) and agenda-driven skewing of the sample.


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