Socialist Bernie Sanders Holds Big Lead Among 2020 Democrat Field

According to a Zogby poll of 834 likely voters, Bernie Sanders (28%) holds an 11 point lead over former VP Joe Biden (17%). Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (12%) rounds out the top 3..

A new Zogby Analytics online survey of 834 likely US voters, including a subset of 356 likely Democratic presidential primary voters, reveals Democratic primary voters are still excited about the prospect of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders winning the nomination… Let’s begin with the overall vote: Bernie Sanders (Ind. Senator Vt.) leads (28%) his closest competitors, former Vice President Joe Biden (17%) and Elizabeth Warren (Democratic Senator Mass.-12%).

Among younger voters, Sanders (42%) is 20 points ahead of Warren, who’s at 22%…

When it came to younger Millennial voters age 18-29, Sanders (42%) dominates. He beats Warren (22%) nearly 2 to 1 and Joe Biden (12%) 3 to 1.

Among Hispanics, Bernie leads Biden by a whopping 27 points, 41% to 14%…

We also conducted an oversample of Hispanic (240 primary voters) and Asian Democratic presidential primary voters (121 voters). When we examine Hispanic Democratic primary voters, Bernie Sanders (41%) is back on top. He dominates Joe Biden (14%) and Elizabeth Warren (6%).

Biden leads by double digits among African Americans, 31% to 19% for Sanders…

Among our oversample of 247 African American Democratic presidential primary voters, Biden is the clear favorite at 31%, followed by Sanders (19%) and there is a three way tie between Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Mark Zuckerberg at 6% each.


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