President Trump’s Great Week of Headlines

Even CNN’s Chris Cilliza claimed this was Trump’s greatest week as President of the United States. And that was on Tuesday.


On Monday, Trump trounced the two GOP misfits in the Iowa Caucuses, taking 97% of the votes – breaking a record for an incumbent president, formerly held by Barrack Obama in 2012.

Meanwhile the Dems’ shit-show in Iowa was just beginning…


On Tuesday morning, Gallup announced that Trump’s approval rating had popped to the highest of his presidency.

Later that evening, Trump gave a barn burner of a speech at the State of the Union – that was extremely well received.

It was so triggering to the Democrats that Nancy Pelosi ripped up the copy of the speech on national TV, further making the Dems appear small.


On Wednesday, Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate, ending three years of witch hunts.


On Thursday, Trump showed up at the annual Prayer Breakfast, and immediately raised newspaper headlines to mock Nancy Pelosi who was just four seats away.

Later, at a noon press conference/celebration in the White House, Trump raised a copy of the morning’s WaPo, and ripped into his political enemies who “attempted to overthrow a duly elected president,” calling the witch hunt investigations a bunch of “bullshit.”

Later that evening, Trump announced that a top Al Queda leader had been killed.


On Friday morning, the jobs report offered more great news, with a better-than-expected 225,000 figure.

In the afternoon, a DC Appeals Court threw out the Dems’ Emoluments lawsuit filed against Trump.


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