Popovich: It’s Delusional To Think Locked Arms Honors Flag

All week long we’ve been hearing that locked arms was not dishonoring the flag and that it was a show of “solidarity” and “unity.” But anyone with half a brain knew this was pure BS spin, yet they continued to stick with their talking points.

Well I just found this nugget from Trump Derangement Syndrome patient Greg Popovich, who apparently is not a street bum but an actual head coach of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs.

During his presser on NBA media day, the pretend bum (have you ever seen a well dressed communist?) ripped on the president for 20-30 minutes. But at one point he mocked Trump’s (4D Chess) approval of teams locking arms and standing.

In so many words: “This is an individual who thought players locking arms were honoring the flag. That’s just delusional.”


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