Mercedes Schlapp Hired By Trump White House

Mercedes Schlapp, a longtime conservative commentator and consultant, who worked on behalf of candidate Trump as a talking head during the campaign, has been hired by the Trump White House, according to the Daily Mail.

Schlapp, who appeared regularly on Fox News, will serve under communications director Hope Hicks, 28, who was given a permanent job on Tuesday after serving as a stand-in following the firing of Anthony Scaramucci after only 10 days.
Schlapp will serve as senior adviser for strategic communications, the White House formally announced.

The appointment is the first high-profile position to be filled by General John Kelly, Trump’s new chief of staff. Kelly is attempting to clean out staff brought on board from Trump’s campaign days and hire those with more Washington experience, Politico reports.

Schlapp, whose husband Matt chairs the American Conservative Union, is well known in DC working as a consultant for her public affairs firm Cove Strategies.


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