Cancer Patient McCain Travels To Italy For Global Economic Forum

Senate Partner Graham Tags Along

Senator John McCain and his Senate companion Lindsey Graham (Credit: John McCain Instagram)

According Senator John McCain’s Instagram account, the cancer-stricken Republican traveled to northern Italy to attend an economic conference hosted by globalists in Lake Como, Italy.

The senior senator from Arizona, who just a couple of months ago was reported to be gravely ill, is attending the Ambrosetti Forum with his longtime Senate companion, Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

McCain’s wife is attending too.

McCain is expected to give a speech where he criticizes President Donald Trump’s economic policies that have produced record highs on Wall Street, and record low unemployment numbers.

Look forward to discussing the need for strong American leadership in the world tomorrow.
– John McCain

Traveling abroad to bash the president to a foreign audience would be nothing new for the former member of the Keating Five.

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