Broncos, Patriots Lead NFL Protesting Power Rankings

With NFL millionaires/players laser focused on protests, it’s time to create a power rankings of these social justice warriors.

How it’ll work: Players will be awarded 10 points for kneeling, as that’s the ultimate spit in the face of the country and veterans, while bench sitters are low energy marxists, so they get only 6 points.

Players who go with the black power fist will be awarded 3 points, while chicken shits who stay in the locker room get only 2 points. Players who lock their arms will get one point as that’s just a sissy way to protest.

With the table set, and as we head into week four, the Denver Broncos are the clear leaders of anti-Americanism, checking in with 32 kneelers and one raised fist – good for a whopping 325 points.

The New England Patriots, coached by Bill Belichick, racked up an impressive 230 anti American points, headlined by 20 kneelers. The Cleveland Browns also had 20 players drop to the knee during the national anthem.

Note: This was satire and not produced by a Russian bot.


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