Disabled Veteran Sends the NFL One Powerful Meme

Dear NFL Disabled Vet

A disabled veteran posted a viral meme criticizing the NFL for its phony patriotism while allowing millionaire spoiled brats to spit on the flag.

The military and its active servicemen and veterans is a million billion times more important than the NFL, but when the NFL at least paid lip-service to patriotism they were a fun, seemingly American pastime. Now we know the truth – the modern NFL is a bunch of spoiled leftist scum who would rather please the globalists then spend just 2 minutes in respect of our flag, our anthem, our nation.

The thing is it isn’t about this military. It’s about the countless people who sacrificed themselves to make this country great. That flag stands for our first immigrants when came here with little to build a business and raise their families, to the countless men who were drafted in wars to ensure our freedom was not taken by the English, the Japanese, the Germans, or the Muslims. That flag stands for the first mountains conqueed, the landing at the Moon, and our perseevence to rebuild in the worst of times. We are one nation, indisvisible by acts like this that attempt to divide us.

This sign of unity is just another attempt to divide. Now you are either supporting this or your not. Now people all sort of catalogues of you when two years ago nobody gave a fuck. Now your race, your gender, sexual preference, and your patriotism is used to place prejudices onto you, because any number of those give you “privilege points” to justify hating you.


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