Source: FOX Reporter Jennifer Griffin “Hates” Trump, Part of the Early “October Surprise”

FOX News' Jennifer Griffin is a Trump hater from the beginning, says source.

Jennifer Griffin is virulently anti Trump. One of our sources (a prime-time producer) says, “She absolutely hates his guts. Look up her past reporting. There is nothing positive… She produced hit after hit – Syria, Russia, Ukraine…”

Griffin, who is married to Greg Myre, a natsec media insider (NYT, NPR, AP), is well connected within the Pentagon community and works frequently with neocon propagandists at The Atlantic. The main players involved here include Griffin, Goldberg, Obama leftovers at Pentagon, Biden campaign and the Lincoln Project, per source.

The hit was to be an October surprise. However, due to the recent news events over the past two weeks – where Biden was bleeding badly and Trump was rebounding (RNC production, BLM riots, Kenosha, Pelosi hair salon, Trump’s rising approvals, Biden’s clear senility, etc), the hoax was launched early.

“That’s why it seems so coordinated, because it was…”

Two of the sources are said to be General Mattis and General Kelly.

Griffin’s role in the attack was twofold: To “confirm” the (circular) sources but more importantly to give what is a leftwing hit some cover from the right. “Going forward look for FOX News to appear in stories and headlines as much as The Atlantic.”

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