Sanders: Wall Not Part of DACA Because It’s Already Being Built

President Trump’s Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, appeared on “Fox & Friends” this morning and said that the president is determined to “get a deal done” on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and wants it to include “massive border security.”

“The president is clear about what his priorities are all along. He went into last night specifically wanting to talk a lot about tax reform, which they did. Schumer and Pelosi came in wanting to talk a lot about DACA, which they also did. The president has been very clear in what his position is. He wants to get a deal done. He wants to do that with DACA, but also to include massive border security and interior enforcement. That is what he tweeted this morning. That was the message he relayed last night,” said Sanders on the FOX News Channel’s morning show.

As for the wall, Sanders seemed to suggest that the reason it’s not part of the “deal with DACA” is because it’s already being built and “moving forward.”

“Look, the wall is already going through extensive renovations. They’re already building sample walls. That part is already moving forward. That’s going to continue. The president’s 100 percent committed to the wall,” stressed Sanders. “The deal with DACA, they want to include border security. The president wants to make sure that massive border security and interior enforcement is part of any deal on that front.”

Sanders was asked what she meant by “renovations,” and if there will be a new wall or just a fixing-up of existing fences and structures.

“No, like I just said, they’re already building sample walls to determine best places but there’s extensive renovations already taking place. These efforts are going to continue,” Sanders said. “Additionally things are going to continue on the wall front as well as massive border security and interior enforcement that would be part of any DACA deal as the president tweeted this morning.”


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