Dobbs, Hannity: Trump’s Broken Promises May End His Presidency

While some of Trump’s media supporters blow in the wind, Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity have remained two of the strongest, and most loyal, advocates of President Trump and his agenda.

But following a bevy of tweets and reports that suggest Trump is ready to strike a one-sided deal with Democrats that would include amnesty for over 800,000 illegal aliens, Hannity and Dobbs are warning the administration that it would be a grave mistake, and could essentially end his presidency.

Hannity compared Trump’s situation to that of George H.W. Bush’s broken promise of “no new taxes” which ultimately ended his presidency.

Dobbs noted that the president no longer has a #MAGA voice within his inner circle, and claims the “globalists have won.”

Dobbs sarcastically wondered if there has been a coup at the White House, because Trump’s tweets do not sound very much like candidate Trump or pro-American.


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