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Coronavirus is Killing the Biden Campaign, and Making Him Look Like a (Bigger) Fool

Column: Joe Biden is Barack Obama Without the Fake Greek Columns

Inside Joe Biden’s Bizarre Coronavirus Bunker

Joe Rogan: Trump is Going to Eat Joe Biden Alive

Biden Tells Jimmy Kimmel His Phillies Cap is ‘a Way To Sleep With My Wife’

Joe Biden Claims He Became a Professor When He Left the U.S. Senate’ (He Didn’t)

LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, Who Helped Rehab Jeffrey Epstein’s Image, Drops $1.5 Million to Boost Biden

A Half-Sedated Looking Joe Biden Devolves Into Incoherence on The View

Reporter Sets Biden Straight After He Tries to Dunk on President Trump’s Job Approval Numbers

Let’s Be Real, Biden’s Livestreams Have Been a Disaster

Biden Keeps Pushing Misinformation About Coronavirus: Here Are 5 Examples

Biden Attempts to Clean Up Monday’s Coronavirus Briefing Embarrassment But Makes Things Worse With Disturbing Appearance on MSNBC…

… And After ‘The View’ Appearance Biden “Reminds Everyone Why He’s Been in Hiding”

Joe Biden Flunks His First Attempt to Look Presidential

… Biden’s Poor Oratory Skills and Lack of Political Office Hamper Ability To Look Presidential

Democrats See Minnesota Slipping Away…

… Minnesota’s Political Transformation: ‘I’ve Voted Democrat My Whole Life. It’s Getting Tougher.’

Bloomberg Sued By Aides For Stiffing Them on Yearlong Pay Promise

Pelosi’s ‘Relief’ Bill Includes a Massive Power Grab of Elections, Including Anonymous Nationwide Ballot Harvesting, Nationwide Same-Day Registration, Ban on Voter ID Requirement

Joe Biden Goes on MSNBC to Discuss Coronavirus, and Makes Zero Sense

Joe Biden Stumbles, Loses Train of Thought, Then Starts Waving Hand

Biden’s Teleprompter Dies During Failed Coronavirus Briefing

… Jumbles Name of Massachusetts Governor, Forgets Century

Four Swing-State Democrat Senators Voted Against Coronavirus Relief for American Workers

BIDEN STAFF Members Wear Masks and Gloves When in Company of the 78-Year Old Candidate

REAL CLEAR POLL OF POLLS: President Trump Reaches All-Time High Approval Rating

NOLTE: 6 Reasons Trump’s Approval Rating Has Surged to Highest Point of Presidency

Gallup: Trump Job Approval Rating Matches All-Time High

Nolte: A Mere 8 Days Ago Joe Biden Was Still Attacking Trump’s Travel Bans

… Biden Criticized Banning Travel From Europe on March 12, as Italy Was Ravaged With the Infection

Glenn Greenwald: ‘Has Anyone Seen Joe?’

Joe Biden Brain Freezes – Stares Into Space – During Tele-Video Victory Speech


Chinese Companies Reap Huge Profits Producing and Selling Medical Masks To Protect Against Coronavirus

China Uses Coronavirus Crisis to Bulldoze Churches and Temples

Trump, Xi Talk Coronavirus

OOPS: ChiComs Tacitly Admit They Were Responsible for the Wuhan Virus Outbreak

How China Built a Twitter Propaganda Machine Then Let It Loose on Coronavirus

China Monetizes the Coronavirus Crisis It Created By Selling $467 Million in Supplies to Spain, Some Of It Defective

INVESTIGATION: Chinese Propaganda Has Infected UK Daily Mail’s Coronavirus Coverage

Marsha Blackburn: End the Control the ‘Madmen in Beijing’ Have over America’s Drug Industry

Pompeo: Communist China is Denying World Vital Coronavirus Information

Republican Jim Banks, Democrat Seth Moulton Introduce Bipartisan Bill Condemning China

China: Communist Party Members Share Letter Urging Removal of President Xi Jinping

Josh Hawley Calls For International Investigation Into China Over Alleged Coronavirus Cover-Up

W.H.O. HELPED Spread False Chinese Government Propaganda: ‘Coronavirus Not Contagious Among Humans’

After Trashing Trump, Adam Schiff Says Americans ‘Blaming China Breeds Disunity’

Chinese Ambassador Applauds Hillary Clinton For Spreading Communist Propaganda

Coronavirus Poll: Dems Blame Trump, Excuse China; Republicans, Independents Blame China, Praise Trump

TIMELINE: The Coronavirus Outbreak And China’s Coverup

Flashback: Joe Biden Defends China as ‘Not Our Problem’

Pompeo: China’s Disinfo Campaign Has Put Countless Lives at Risk

Virus Exposes Deep Rift Between U.S. and China


Dr. Deborah Birx: Coronavirus Data Not Matching Extreme Predictions Pushed By Media

… CNN Analyst Launches Sexist Attack on ‘Stepford Doc’ Birx

COLUMN: The Political Media Are Failing America

Seattle Police Officers Rip Local NPR’s Decision to Stop Airing White House Coronavirus Briefings

Quarantined Journalist Really Starting to Annoy Family By Calling Them Racists All Day (Satire)

Surgeon General Scolds Media Hyping ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Projections

CNN Faces Backlash For Suggesting Obama is Calling For Social Distancing, Not Trump

NBC Reporter Slammed Over Article Touting China as ‘Global Leader’ in Coronavirus Fight

… NBC NEWS OR CHICOM PROPAGANDA: ‘As U.S. Struggles to Stem Coronavirus, China Asserts Itself as Global Leader’

Washington Post Doxxes Man Who Wants America’s Economy To Reopen

NBC, CNN Producers Say They Will No Longer Air Trump’s Virus Pressers

Tucker Carlson: Why Are Democrats, Media Lying About the Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Drugs Touted by Trump?

… Bloomberg Hits New Low in Using a Communist Chinese Publication to Try to Discredit Use of Hydroxychloroquine

Study: Trump Press Conferences Are a Massive Ratings Hit; Now You Know Why Liberals Are Demanding Networks Stop Live Broadcasts…

… MSNBC’s Hayes Says Trump ‘Lies’ Are a ‘Genuine Threat to Public Health’

… MSNBC’s O’Donnell Predicts ‘Millions’ Will Die If They Listen To Trump

… CNN’s Tapper: No Way of Knowing How Many Lives Affected By Trump’s ‘Many Lies’

… Seattle NPR Will No Longer Broadcast Trump’s Press Conferences Due to ‘False and Misleading Information’

… NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell Fears ‘Skyrocketing’ Approval for Trump Amid Pandemic

… Newsweek ‘Journalist’ Can’t Believe 55% of Americans Support Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus, Cites Lunatics on Twitter Who Hate POTUS

The Media’s Biggest Coronavirus Flubs, Contradictions, And Walk-Backs

Reporter Compares Trump’s Push for Virus Cure to Nazi Medical Experimentation

The New York Times Downplays Promising COVID-19 Development

CNN Reporter Criticizes Trump For Peddling “False Hope” to Americans During “Dark Times”

53 Times the Establishment Media Said ‘Chinese’ or ‘Wuhan’ Virus

VIDEO Mashup: MSM’s Worst Coronavirus Coverage


Pew Poll: 95 Percent of Americans Say Trump’s Travel Bans ‘Necessary’ to Stop Coronavirus

… Meanwhile PolitiFact Attempts to Rewrite History With This Fact Check (Does Not Even Embed the Tweet in Question, Only a Link)

COLUMN: Coronavirus Will Bring a New Era of Borders, Walls, Distancing, Dispersion, and Self-Defense

N.Y. Officials Are Fully Aware That #TrumpPills Work to Cure Coronavirus But Continue To Slow Walk Trials For the ‘Promising Drugs’

Democrat Michigan Governor Threatens Doctors Who Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to Treat COVID-19

US Navy Ship Headed to Los Angeles For Coronavirus Relief: Here’s a Look Inside

Rhode Island Governor Orders National Guard Checkpoints to Enforce Mandatory Quarantines on New Yorkers Entering Constitution State

… Mass. Governor Implements Similar Policy

Trump Demands N.Y. Officials Distribute Federal Government (Delivered) Ventilators “Found in New York Storage NOW!”

After Complaining All Week About Lack of Ventilators (Which Created Negative Headlines For Trump Admin), Cuomo Admits To Stockpiling Thousands of Them

Gov. Cuomo Admits Closing Everything Down May Have Been a Mistake

Flashback: NYC Health Commissioner Urged New Yorkers To Gather in Public Places

SEIU Healthcare Union Suddenly Finds 39 Million N95 Masks

Trump’s Daily White House Briefings Get Massive Ratings

Trump: ‘People Don’t Even Remember that H1N1 Killed 17,000 Americans’

Former Labor PM Gordon Brown Calls For Global Government to Tackle Coronavirus

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Criticizes ‘Premature Optimism,’ ‘False Hope’; Says City Will Be Shut Down For at Least Two More Months

Doctor: White House Has My ‘100% Successful’ Coronavirus Treatment Using 3 Cheap, Proven, Available Drugs

Bahrain, Belgium Report COVID-19 Treatment Touted By Trump is Working For Patients

Renowned Epidemiologist Who Touted Doomsday Scenario Walks Back Predictions

Dr. Fauci: Coronavirus Hit Italy ‘Really Badly’ Because Of ‘Chinese Tourists’

Boston University Microbiologist ‘EXTREMELY OPTIMISTIC’ About Tests Involving Life-Saving Coronavirus Drugs

Coronavirus Shines Light on Absurdity of Inflexible Government Regulations

Nevada’s Dem Governor Signs Emergency Order BANNING USE OF Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus; Calls Drug’s Promise “Fiction”

Chief Medical Officer Advising the Governor Received Medical Degree in Romania, and Not Licensed To Practice in U.S.

Bon Jovi Member Recovering From Coronavirus, and ‘Doing Well’, After Being Prescribed Hydroxychloroquine Touted By Trump and Banned By Nevada Governor

… Doctor, Former Kansas Governor Says Coronavirus Patients Using Hydroxychloroquine Are ‘Doing Better’

… Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘Of Course’ I Would Prescribe Chloroquine to Coronavirus Patients

Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting: Hoarding, Price Gouging, and Supply Chain…

… States Say Doctors Are Stockpiling Coronavirus Drugs For Themselves

VP Pence: FDA is Approving ‘Off-Label’ Use For Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus Patients

Johns Hopkins Study: U.S. Was More Prepared For Pandemic Than Any Other Country

NY Gov. Cuomo Announces Start of Test Trials in NY

L.A. Mayor Threatens Water, Power Shutoff to Non-Essential Businesses That Refuse To Close Up Shop

Trump Activates National Guard in California, New York, and Washington to Fight Coronavirus

Dem House Leader: Coronavirus Bill is ‘Tremendous Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision’

NY POST: Trump’s Policies Will Be Vindicated in the Wake of Coronavirus


Trump Releases Massive Supply of ‘Hydroxy-Chloroquine’ For Immediate Use in New York

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