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COULTER: Cheap TVs, Expensive Flu

Study: China’s 3-week Delay in Coronavirus Response Accelerated Spread

Is It Time to #CancelChina?

Flashback: Joe Biden Defends China as ‘Not Our Problem’

Pompeo: China’s Disinfo Campaign Has Put Countless Lives at Risk

Virus Exposes Deep Rift Between U.S. and China

“We Are So F**king Done With China”

Shapiro: Coronavirus is the ‘Chinese Virus’

China Boomerang: U.S. to Emerge Stronger Once Coronavirus Scare Subsides

Trump Goes to War Against Chinese Virus

… Says Term ‘Chinese Virus’ is to Fight China’s Propaganda

… Beijing Angered

China Instructs U.S. To ‘Correct Its Mistakes’ About Coronavirus Origins

Class-Action Suit Demands $20 Trillion From China For Coronavirus Damages

Rubio Op-Ed: U.S. Media is Carrying Water for Communist China’s Propaganda Machine

Conservative Leaders Call for Investigation into China’s Handling of Coronavirus

China to Expel U.S. Media From Country

Bannon: ‘This is Going to Get Nasty. CCP is an Existential Threat to Own People’

Poll: Americans Believe China Should Pay for Spreading Coronavirus

Chinese Bots Flood Twitter to Spread Anti-Trump Coronavirus Propaganda

We Are in This Crisis Because of the Decisions of the Chinese Government

Trump Uses Term ‘Chinese Virus’ to Fight Its Propaganda

White House: Unidentified Foreign Group Stirring Fear Over Coronavirus

… Reporter Frets Over Stigma of Trump Calling it ‘Chinese Virus’

Twitter Lets China Point Finger at U.S. for Wuhan Virus

Flashback: Trump White House Warns Italy Against Joining China’s New Silk Road Project

… A Forgotten Italian Port Could Become a Chinese Gateway to Europe

Media Bias

53 Times the Establishment Media Said ‘Chinese’ or ‘Wuhan’ Virus

WaPo Fact Checker: Biden Didn’t Lie, He ‘Described His Stance Inaccurately’

At Press Conference, OAN Reporter Accuses ‘Leftwing Media’ of Siding With Beijing

CNN Downplayed Swine Flu Under Obama, But Went Gonzo Over Wuhan Flu Under Trump

LEFTIST MEDIA Teams With COMMUNIST CHINA To Attack Trump’s Use of ‘Chinese Virus’

Kellyanne Conway Demands CBS Reporter at Center Of ‘Kung Flu’ Controversy to Divulge Name

Coronavirus Lessons: Nobody Trusts the Media

NBC, CBS Spout Communist China’s Propaganda, Attack ‘Racist’ Trump Over Use of ‘Chinese Virus’

If WOKE MSM Was Around During Pearl Harbor, Blaming ‘Japanese’ Would Have Been XENOPHOBIC

VIDEO Mashup: MSM’s Worst Coronavirus Coverage

Media Embarrassing Themselves Defending Chinese Virus

NBC NEWS Sticks Up For Communist China Over Virus Name

Nolte: All the Media’s Dangerous Coronavirus Lies

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Repeats Debunked Lie that Trump Called Coronavirus a ‘Hoax’

… Media, Dems Repeat ‘Hoax’ Hoax

#NeverTrump Failure Jonah Goldberg Pushes ChiCom PC Rhetoric on Chinese Virus

U.S. Media’s Entire Energy is Focused on Destroying Trump

Reuters Stealth Edits Debunked Story Claiming Trump Sought Monopoly on Vaccine

Yahoo White House Reporter Acts Like a Fool

NYT Reporters Just Can’t Stop Lying

Media is Producing Easy-To-Debunk Fake News at Breakneck Speed

Trump Slams Media For Pushing Fake News Regarding Google’s Coronavirus Efforts

WaPo: On Second Thought, No, Trump Did Not Dissolve the Pandemic Response Office

Media Deliberately Distort Trump’s Advice to Governors About Ventilators

SEAL Team Star: CNN is Trafficking in Fear With Coronavirus


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