3 Separate Cases. 3 Pedophiles. Each Donated to Adam Schiff

The saying goes something like, “once is chance, twice is coincidence, but the third is a pattern.”

Well. There is a clear pattern with Adam Schiff’s donors.

1. Meet Ed Buck
Headline: MSNBC remains silent on arrest of Democrat megadonor after third man overdoses at his house

MSNBC failed to cover the arrest of Ed Buck on-air after a third man overdosed on methamphetamine in his home after the Democratic megadonor allegedly provided it.

Buck, 65, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with operating a drug house and three counts of battery. The most recent man who overdosed at Buck’s residence survived, but the first two died 18 months apart. No charges were filed in relation to the other deaths.

In the past, Buck has donated to California Sen. Krysten Sinema, California Rep. Adam Schiff, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and L.A. District Attorney Jack Lacey. He also donated to former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

2. Meet Bruce Hensel
Headline: ‘My friend’: Adam Schiff praised TV doctor arrested on sex charges over 9-year-old girl

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff once praised a doctor who was arrested last week for allegedly asking a 9-year-old girl to send him sexually explicit photos, and later invited him to his 50th birthday party.

Schiff, now 59, who is leading the Democrats in their efforts to impeach President Trump, introduced Bruce Hensel, now 71 and then a TV medical correspondent, at a contentious healthcare town hall in Alhambra, California, in 2009. The following year, Hensel was among the “close to 300 friends and supporters” at Schiff’s Hawaii Five-O-themed 50th birthday party.

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce our moderator this evening, a wonderful doctor and a very brave moderator, and that is my friend, Dr. Bruce Hensel,” Schiff said at the 2009 event.

3. Meet George Nader
Headline: Bill Barr Indicts 8 For Illegally Funneling Foreign Money To Adam Schiff And Multiple Dem Senators

Bill Barr just broke up a massive scheme to illegally funnel foreign money into darn near every Democratic political candidate and organization.

The list of the Dem organizations taking this illegal money is astounding – almost every Dem state organization and many super PAC’s including the big one Priorities USA.

All of the leading names in the Democratic party took in this money including Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu, Jon Tester, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, etc.

A real rogues gallery if ever there was.

George Nader is a convicted child molester. Nader works as a straw man for the middle east sheiks


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