Cohen Surrounded By Clintonites in Court – Judge, Prosecutors, and Defense

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, appeared in court today, and agreed to a plea deal for lying to Congress.

The scene inside the NYC courtroom looked like something you’d see in a banana republic.

Cohen’s defense team consisted of:

  • Guy Petrillo
    • Assistant U.S. Attorney, Southern District NY, Clinton Administration
  • Amy Lester
    • Assistant U.S. Attorney, Southern District NY, Obama Administration

The prosecutors who signed off were:

  • Jeannie Rhee
    • Deputy Assistant AG, Obama Administration
    • Clinton Foundation lawyer
    • Maxed out donations to Clinton 2016
  • Andrew Goldstein
    • U.S. Attorney Southern District NY, Obama Administration
    • Donated to Obama 2008 and 2012
  • Rush Atkinson
    • DOJ, Obama Administration
    • Donated to Clinton 2016

The judge was:

  • Judge William H. Pauley III
    • Appointed to the court by President Clinton in 1996

And, finally, it was all leaked to:

  • ABC News’ George Stephanopolous
    • Communications Chief, Clinton Administration


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